In the midst of widespread global questioning of the scientific bases of homeopathy and increasing pressures to provide evidence in support of the claims made by homeopathic practitioners and scientists engaged in research within homeopathy and within fields of enquiry on the periphery of homeopathy, it is of critical importance to provide a single easily-accessible source of the best research in homeopathy.

The evidence in favour of Homeopathy at clinical, biological, molecular and even nano-molecular level has seen exponential growth in the past decade and a document that provides a critical overview of each of these aspects based on the major works in the respective fields, would be a useful tool in navigating the many arguments and counter-arguments for and against the scientific basis of homeopathy.

This regularly-updated revisions of the Scientific Framework of Homeopathy provide reviews by noted experts of each domain of homeopathic research The domains of research range from basic research, clinical research, homeopathic pathogenetic trials, clinical verification, the application of homeopathy in epidemic diseases, and homeopathy in dentistry, veterinary medicine and the agricultural sciences (agro-homeopathy). The Framework also provides valueable insights into homoeopathic education, integration of homoeopathy into global healthcare systems, and knowledge and attitudes of homoeopathic consumers.